Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rock Cats Blog /// New Britain 6, Harrisburg 9 [Game 10]

Box Score:

I'm not sure if it was my going to four games in five days idea or not, but something about this game just didn't sit right with me.   The previous night was Jurassic Park night and aside from the players having their names in special font and images behind them, there were only clips of the movie and players talking about the movie that would make you think it was different than any other night.   (Side Note: We didn't get to hear one of the players describe a dinosaur as "badass" because they bleeped it out and yet we can see the scene where a man is eaten by a dinosaur while on the toilet?  Might want to reconsider these things)

So for Ninja Turtles night I didn't know what I was expecting but I was hoping it would be better than Jurassic Park night and, well, it wasn't.   There were no costumed characters walking around and not even all of the employees got involved as only some of them had TMNT shirts on.   I tweeted to the Rock Cats that I was the only one there wearing a TMNT shirt and they replied "Definitely not".   I saw two boys- maybe two years old- wearing matching TMNT shirts and my wife said she saw a lady in a TMNT shirt, but otherwise it was mostly just the employees.

It probably also didn't help that the attendence was worse than the previous night.   And the Rock Cats were getting beaten pretty badly by the Senators.   When you're down 8-2, you don't really think about coming back and I feel like the wind had just been lifted from the Rock Cats sails at this point anyway.    Having a three run first inning was probably just the boost that the Senators needed.   I feel like the Senators are to the Rock Cats what some team like the Phillies or Marlins are to the Mets in the sense that they aren't really good overall but can always manage to sneak in that win and be a problem for the better team.

As I question the in between inning nonsense all the time, I can't help but wonder why they're going to do "trivia" at all if the questions are going to be so easy.   Andy picked out two random guys- not even wearing TMNT shirts mind you- and asked them three questions which they easily answered because they were the ultimate TMNT fans.   You know, not because the questions were ridiculously easy.   I'll give you a sense of how easy they were by providing you with the answers: Splinter, Pizza and April O'Neil.   (Yes, really)

I'm not sure if we'll attend another game on the basis of it being "_____ Night" because at the beginning of the season when we had to buy a new car because ours died we saw pictures from Star Wars Night where there were actual Storm Troopers and Darth Vader there, so I don't think anything is going to quite compare with that now.    Realizing that the Rock Cats wouldn't come back and possibly burned out we left after six, and try as they might they just couldn't get the win this time.    I don't know what it felt like for the Rock Cats to lose this game, but I have an idea because of how awful it felt to me.

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