Wednesday, June 24, 2015

CD Review: White Slaves "S/T" (Beaver Club Records)

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The first time that I listened to this CD I was driving.   I didn't have anything on hand for note-taking, so I scribbled some notes down on some mail I'd received and picked up on my way out.   I'm not sure why I always carry a pen with me but seem to lack something worthy of writing on.   In any event, I took these notes, poised for a review, and accidentally threw the envelope I no longer needed away.    But it doesn't matter.   I kept listening to this CD.   And listening.   And I almost know it by heart now, so I don't need any notes.

White Slaves (And, yes, that's a real thing-- know your history, people!) have a sound that falls somewhere between hardcore and punk.   It's something like Skarhead, Reach the Sky or Shut Down- that sort of old school hardcore band from Victory Records.    There are also elements of a band such as Bane, Modern Life is War and especially on "Bad Luck" I can hear the Drowningman bleeding through.    It's just that energy-- that fury.   And every word is screamed but it's not screamo.   It's so much more.   It's so much better.

With starts and stops that can make you feel like you're playing a game of "Red Light/Green Light" this CD from the second it starts until the very second that it ends is just a shot of pure adrenaline.   If you're hyped before listening to White Slaves, you will be once you press the play button.    This is the hardcore I remember from growing up and this is the hardcore that I wish existed more still in 2015.

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