Friday, June 26, 2015

CD Review: Rob Magill "A Mexican Tree And A German Sea" (Weird Cry Records)

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There are two distinct sounds which you will hear on "A Mexican Tree And A German Sea" and they are a saxophone and a guitar.   With saxophone notes can come guitar strums and plucks.   The saxophone seems to be at the front at first, but that does change from song to song.   There is a slow, somber tempo and then it does pick up pace just as well and even begins to sound like FNL.   The two forces can sound like they are battle with one another and during one song they do trade back and forth, not playing at the same time until the very end.   It's dreamy guitars and soulful sax.    Guitar notes and Wookee purrs.   The sax can swoon in a jazz way just as easily as it can belt it out in a fit of sharpness.

So for this CD I am somewhat confused on what to call it.   If there was a bass guitar and drums then it would have that full band sound which could bring in something else, but it doesn't.   At the same time, a lot of these things I like to consider to be "noise jazz", which is just kind of noise with horns, isn't really what this quite is either if only because of the style in which the guitar is playing in here is too clean to be near noise.   What do you get when you mix a "noise sax" with a guitar?   I'm not certain what to call this, and I hope I never do find a tag for it, but it is something you should be feeling.

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