Friday, June 19, 2015

CD Review: Dreamcolour "The Devil Told You To Play" (Weird Cry Records)

When I was a kid, I grew up in a city and went to public school until the time that I had finished fourth grade.   I switched school systems and went to a public school in fifth grade which also brought my new desire to be a part of the school band in which I played the alto saxophone.    Later on in my high school years, as there were more and more altos and other saxes needed playing I switched to the tenor sax.    In some ways, I wish that I still played the saxophone and took it as seriously as I did other instruments because by the time that I was fifteen or so, I of course only was interested in playing the guitar and put the sax on the backburner.   

Dreamcolour has two tracks on "The Devil Told You To Play" and they are lenghty numbers full of mostly saxophone sounds.   They go back and forth between the idea of some jazz great and simply jazz-noise.    It makes me feel like I'm sitting in some dimly lit, smokey bar somewhere at one moment and the next I imagine myself in a great theater or hall where the fancy musicians play.   (I'm trying to think of one, but I can't off hand.   Umm... Eddie Vedder's solo tour?  Does that count?)

In a lot of ways, this album is a look into a future that could have been for me but wasn't.  If someone had told me twenty years ago I could have been releasing saxophone driven albums this whole time I probably would have kept up with it and done just that.    But back then, all I knew about was the guitar because my friend played bass and I didn't want to drag around all the various drum pieces.    So if you're looking for a show- or not- then Dreamcolour should be able to blow something out for you.   Just remember band kids and future band kids-- have fun.  

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