Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cassette Review: Since Nulius "Hell De'Mos" (Merica "Records")

[$5 // Edition of 24 //]

There is a fine line between demos and demons and Since Nulius manages to find it.    At times, these songs can sound a little rough like maybe there is too much focus on the vocals and not enough on the music accompanying them, but then at other times it seems to even out.   I've actually found that the levels do seem to be more of a problem on Side A than on Side B, as if by the second side it got worked out somehow and perhaps the songs on Side A are just a rougher sort of demo.   I'm not sure, but the general idea for these songs remains and it's something unlike what I've heard before and probably you as well.

An unspoken sort of melody can be found in these songs.   It's an acoustic guitar and a voice or an electric guitar and full band sound.   There are times when I can hear something leaning towards the pop of punk such as Say Anything, times when I can hear Against Me! and times when I just hear some straight up punk rock.    Songs can have that western/Bonanza feel to them, complete with the whistling, but they can also be just as ghostly with the oooooh's and sounds that come across as haunting.   In that way, despite of this whirly-swirly Willy Wonka moment, I would just think of this as being some sort of punk rock that involves being in an old ghost town, which mostly makes me think of westerns as well.

The thing that then comes into these songs to make them go beyond what I've already described is simply this growling.   Sometimes the singing can turn into growling or screaming, but other times it's just spoken words like some kind of demon coming through.    At one point, it reminded me of the band Drowning Pool but only for a second or two.    And it's not really like anything I've heard before because what do I compare this with exactly?  It's not the Misfits or GWAR, but as I've seen them play shows before (they like to tour together) I could see Since Nulius open shows for them, being similar but not the same.

I'm not going to coin some sort of term to describe this music in subgenre because I'd come up with something like "demon punk" and it would just not be worth repeating, but know that this is musically solid and it takes a turn for the dark side that I've never heard before and if you have then you probably know already whether or not you'll like it, but I do enjoy it and not just because it's different and new but because the way that it is presented just works for me.

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