Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cassette Review: Ratboiler Split with SKULL THEFT

[$4.20 // Edition of 50 //]

SKULL THEFT takes over Side A of this split with two songs that are at their very heart punk rock.   There is distortion and it can bring up ideas of Refused or at other times an oi band, but for the most part it is simply fast and to the point.   I also like to think there might be some rock n roll in here, which gives it that punk n roll nod.    Background vocals can scream along on the first song ala Rancid and the second of the two songs is kind of funny because of the repeated titular line: "Stay out of my wife's Prius".   Dude, why does your wife have a Prius and who keeps going in it?   Or is this something perhaps someone in SKULL THEFT was once told?

Side B is claimed by Ratboiler who has their first song full of bouncy punk rock chords and killer guitar riffs.    The vocals are somewhat spoken, and then whent they do begin to sing they almost scream a little bit more than sing.   This reminds me a little bit of Bouncing Souls, but only at certain times as it feels like it can be mixed with something else.    This then goes into full on punk riot as the first song takes a turn for the fast and heavy.    The next song does start with more of a talking part as well, but then kicks in with a flurry.   It's actually quite a good song in its structure because of how it sort of turns it on and off, giving you the feeling of the lyrics within the actual sounds.

I recently got the Die Wrecked split cassette that was two similar punk bands sharing a cassette, but this isn't even really anything like that.   SKULL THEFT has some punk qualities to them and I'd call them a punk rock at heart, but Ratboiler has some combination of Rage Against the Machine and something else I can't place going on which makes for quite the interesting musical scheme.   If you listen to (or have previously listened to) one of these artists and enjoy them, then are likely to enjoy the other because the one common factor their music seems to share is anger.    It is so angry and I love every second of it.

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