Friday, June 19, 2015

Cassette Review: Purplecobra "Noise de L'amour" (Beaver Club Records)

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"Noise de L'amour" hits hard and it hits fast.   My first thought is to think of this as being an electronic type of hardcore, but that always brings up bands like Atari Teenage Riot in my mind and that's not really how this sounds.   There are electronic beats, chopped up words spoken and it can seemingly flash from a normal rhythm of chugging to a distorted, harsh sort of sound.   This is what I like to think of as the Jekyll and Hyde effect and it should be noted that when it does switch from one to the other, the harsher of the two- the monster if you will- does come out a bit louder which is a nice touch with the levels.   It can kind of lull you into this false sense of security and then blast it right back into your face without a care.

On the flip side there is seemingly about as much dance mixed in with the harsh realization that this music still is hardcore at its roots.    Sometimes singing can be heard, sometimes it is simple screams that don't seem to say anything but just will wake you up if you were trying to sleep.    It's another set of multiple personality songs, going back and forth from the sane to insane, from the quieter and somewhat pleasant sounds to the louder and more disruptive noises.    It's not really screamo (Nothing against screamo, but I am thankful that it is not) it is just a blend of two opposite sounds that are so different and yet in some ways so similar.

If I had to compare this with a single band I could do it but it won't be easy.   Back when Some Girls first really became known and that kind of music had began making its mark, various members of such bands came together to form a band called Sex Positions.   You can try looking them up, but I remember their publicist already had them masked as "Sxe Positions" to avoid things such as spammers.  (Plus, have you tried plugging "sex positions" into google lately?)   The band had that feel on Some Girls and others along those lines (Daughters also comes to mind), but yet they had this electronic vibe to them where they'd skip through pieces and I could never quite describe it.

In a lot of ways, Purplecobra is a variation on that, a next logical step in the world of hardcore music that becomes fused with electronics.    You know, that music like Daughters made never really went away it just got buried by other bullshit music.    Without going to dig through my CDs and look for the Sex Positions album, I can tell you it was before the year 2000 (late 1990's some time) and so it has been at least fifteen years since I feel like someone has really taken a crack at saying, "Hey, let's take this one step further.  Let's crank it up a notch".    (Granted I saw a Bandcamp site that said this album was from 2006- I believe- but let's not let the numbers confuse my point)    Purplecobra is the next evolution in hardcore music no matter where you put them on the timeline.

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