Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cassette Review: Mason Mercer "God's Creatures"

The songs of Mason Mercer begin with a crazy industrial sound which is not afraid to bring the clank.   They hit hard and they hit fast.   The vocals remind me of Monster Magnet and coincidentally there are overall thoughts of Marilyn Manson in the music as well.    Somehow these sounds do manage to find melodies, which given the other contents does feel truly special, and then there are also pieces of Mario jumps and people talking as if this was at a live performance or recorded simply in a crowded room.     Guitar loops and drum machines come out just as well, to round out what is quite the musical exploration that I cannot quite seem to tie to any other artist specifically.

Within these songs are lyrics and though I feel there should be levels of describing the amount of words in a song or on an album on the whole (Right now, things are either "instrumental" or everything else) there isn't a good way to convey that this has slightly more than the typical amount of lyrics within the music it would seem.   So it's not quite the type of lyricist who will start talking as soon as you press play and not stop until the cassette is done, but it's also not as few as a song you might hear on the radio.

One line particularly which is repeated states that "I've been holding back my rage" and I have to admit that while I am a firm believer in holding ones tongue (because I do it myself), that type of practice isn't exactly healthy and could one day just lead to a massive heart attack that kills you.   Remember: Serenity now, insanity later.    But this is an interesting bit of music to discover on cassette and I'd have to recommend you doing the same if only because it is so much unlike anything I have ever heard before and i feel like I have just heard so much already.  

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