Friday, June 19, 2015

Cassette Review: Gemini Revolution "Geminids Vol. II"

If you have not read my review of "Geminids Vol. 1" then you can do so by clicking here, though this is actually my fourth Cassette Review for Gemini Revolution and as such you should really know by now that what they're creating is just fantastic music, whether or not you've even actually heard the first volume of this cassette specifically.

"Geminids Vol. II" begins with a droning whirr and ambient tones.   There are cymbal crashes and drum rolls.  It's tones, kind of like keyboards or pianos, and then you are simply taken away by celestial bliss.   Wavy distortion, frequency whirrs almost like meows and then some feedback bring out an almost eerie vibe.    Then the flute comes in and brings out elements of Kung Fu Panda.   Bass lines take us into a western feel.   A rhythm and series of notes close out Side A.

On the flip side we have growing, expanding electronic whirrs.   There is a cymbal build.   There is also a drone hum with little notes buried within it.   The whirrs become larger now and then it goes back to an eerie feeling and also becomes almost solemn.    Ghostly takes over the scene and guitars drive quietly.   It just sort of drones out to end the side and the cassette on the whole.  

So if you've enjoyed the first three Gemini Revolution cassettes- and I am hoping that you have- then this should really be an easy decision for you to listen to because it's right up there with them.    The sounds are a continuation of what I like about Gemini Revolution, with space and atmosphere mixed into the overall sense of something else being out there as well.   Just really solid work that you should already be hip to if you're not square.  

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