Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cassette Review: The Editor "Lost"

While I've only reviewed one other cassette by The Editor I do know that I've listened to just about everything on that Bandcamp whether or not I've reviewed the digital releases because I tend to be slower with the digital releases and sometimes I just caught up in listening to digital music that I don't think about reviewing it as much as I probably should.  Digital music has that weird tag on it by me where I always think, "Okay, I need to write these reviews and then post them", but it's always cassettes and then other physical releases and so I don't always think about or actually review the digital but I'm still listening.   Oh yes, I'm still listening (and you should be too because, really, my suggestion to listen to a cassette by an artist usually includes all of their other music just as well)

Whenever my mind sees the word "Lost" it goes to the television series of the same name so I was a bit taken back when I realized that this didn't have that stuck on an island feeling to it.   Oriental string plucks begin things in a Kung Fu Panda type manner and then it builds into the soundtrack to a Chinese restaurant and, yes, maybe one day I can reference something greater should I ever visit China (Japan is first though, sorry)   A synth organ jam can be heard complete with cymbals and drumbeats.    This turns into big beats and yet somehow it remains chill.

Pianos come out with big beats in time.   A FNL-ambient-X-Files vibe comes through next.   It's quiet ambient up until some sharp lasers come in.   This brings about the eventual trill beats and then big gonging beats which I wonder if they are some sort of bass synth or not.    There are pretty backgrounds and a quiet sizzle with piano notes on "Rewind".   By the next song though we're back into cool beats, which I am hesitant to call vaporwave but might very well be.   (It's not so much that I'm adversed to the term outside of Illuminated Paths so much as that I feel at times like I never really knew what it was perhaps.  Plus it's just a crutch I'd rather not fall back upon anymore and stick with just doing the descriptions instead of single words, even if they are compound)

With a video game trill- which just takes 8bit to a whole new level- there are also elements of instrumental hip hop, quiet waves and radio station freak outs mixed with beeps.      It becomes the only fitting way perhaps to conclude this cassette which somehow manages to not make me feel lost at all but rather completely at home.    I'm not sure if it is the amount of times I've heard The Editor on different pieces of music or just the combination of how many combined times I've heard them but this is just so familiar it can't feel like I'm lost listening to it in any way except for maybe to get lost in it.

To say that you listen to electronic music is a fairly broad spectrum and it's always made me think of artist who don't sound like The Editor, but now whenever I can sense that someone likes electronic music I'm going to have to assume they like The Editor because if you aren't listening to the various styles on this cassette- or any of the other releases even- then I'm afraid I can't consider you to be a fan of the genre that The Editor is so clearly dominating right here.    If Raised by Gypsies had an awards show The Editor would take home trophies for "Best Electronics" if not more as well.

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