Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cassette Review: Aaron Yabrov "Millas / Tautaval" (Magical Garage Taste)

[$6 CAD // Edition of 10 //]

The music of Aaron Yabrov begins with a ringing that has a haunting and suspenseful sort of feel to it.    This goes on for a while, so despite the fact that it does come through in waves there is a droning quality to it still.   It does remind me of a bit of Hitchcock.   Dark strings come out next, which lead to some deep distortion but the ringing remains.   It is only when it turns to static and then some sharpness emerges that the ringing fades away, but it does come back full circle once again.   Side A ends on a softer, harmonious type of tone set and it is definitely interesting to go from one sort of drone to something else and then back to it, all the while the loop within the loop.

On Side B the music begins with a combination of bug zapper and lightsaber qualities.   It comes in as fragments, such as little blips.   There are slight sounds of laser blasts in the background so this becomes somewhat like a space fight.   Some waves find their way behind the lightsabers and then we take a turn into a wavy distortion, a dying sound that could just as easily be thought of as a whale song.    As the sounds diminish, they eventually fade and that is the end of the cassette.

So what we have here are songs that cross the line between ambient- in the sense that you'll want to close your eyes and imagine a story to go along with them- and just an all around relaxing feel where you might want to close your eyes and imagine nothing at all.    The fact that it can work on that deeper level while also maintaining a sense of simplicity on the surface just goes to show how talented Aaron Yabrov is because he can mix it up with the best of the ambient composers just as well as those found in massage palours.

I don't really like to be the guy to tell you what to do when you listen to music.   You could take either of my suggestions to heart, but just know that they are merely that: suggestions.  Aaron Yabrov has crafted music here which could just as easily become the soundtrack for a long drive or some other thing I have not imagined but might work for you.   And that's still what makes this cassette so special.   Through the immense amount of talent comes this sort of block of clay, allowing you to mold it how you see fit.   If only all music could be this versatile.

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