Friday, May 8, 2015

MP3 Review: Telstar Sound Drone "Jaegerklause Berlin Jan 2014"

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I'm not entirely sure how I got the Bandcamp notification for this one.  I searched but couldn't find something I'd reviewed here before, so my only thought is that maybe I downloaded something but ended up not reviewing it and thus ended up on the email list.   It makes sense except for the fact that I really like this collection of four songs here so I don't know why I wouldn't have review something I might have downloaded from Telstar Sound Drone before now.  

This begins with a bit of a static fog and then the drumming comes in.   Followed by the guitars and it has this almost classic rock feel to it.   It could be the soundtrack to a Robert Rodriguez film.   And then it goes psych and doesn't come back.   It has elements of The Clash buried under the psychedelic parts.    Hints of Tora Tora Torrence also come out within the fuzz.    It's heavier on the music than on the vocals, and if you just glance at the song lengths you could have probably guessed that.

It is a certain side of trippy that brings out The Doors while also treading that line between something like The Flys and U2 that I just can't quite ever seem to put my finger on.   By the end, he says this will be their last song and thanks the crowd as I forget I'm listening to a live performance because the quality is so good.   I look at this set, in terms of length (time, not the number of songs) and I begin to wonder.

Imagine this as being the set of the opening band for some other larger act.   Who would Telstar Sound Drone be opening up for?   Not The Doors nor Velvet Underground for similar reasons.   Not Stone Temple Pilots since they brought in that dude from Linkin Park.  Nothing too modern on the radio either, it would have to be a band from the 1990's that's still around.    Something like Soundgarden only not.   But then you have the problem that veteran acts have where they don't want to be upstaged by the openers and so I can only imagine this as being a set in itself with no openers and no headliners.     There are only these songs.  There is only now.

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