Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cassette Review: Prants "Hot Shaker Meet Lead Donut" (Notice Recordings)

[$6.50 // Edition of 100 //]

While I will admit that I'm not entirely certain what a hot shaker is, I'm not really going to look up what a lead donut is either or why these two should meet because I have a feeling that a lead donut is something to do with donuts being bad for you and I am not going to let google ruin donuts for me like they've ruined so much before.    Okay, my curiousity got the better of me (Naturally, I'm a writer) and when I looked these two items up I came to realize they are musical instruments or at least instruments which can make sounds which can then be used in the form of music.    It has very little to do with food.

Prants begins Side A with some synth space sharpness then there is electronic ringing.   There are Hitchcock screeches and strings pulled.   I hear what might be a piano but then there are also church bells coming out for sure.    Ticking dings bring out quiet whooshes and, yes, I realize these are most likely sounds being made by those two title objects but I like to still live in my world where I hear what I hear and am deaf to the actual source of it all.   With some basement slamming comes tape hiss and then it goes quiet as dark waves come out.

Noise beats bring out the clanking of pots and pans.   Static bursts resemble gun shots.   There is a little bit of bowl ringing as well and it becomes almost sonar in its tone.   Screeching, like brakes, come out mixed with what might be some sort of animal cry that I referred to as a yak in my notes.   I just imagine a car driving down the road and having to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting an animal in the middle of the road, and as the animal doesn't move but simply screams out in fear, the two sounds blend together to make this part.

A banjo is present and then there are also pieces of static mixed with a Jay Peele sound.    There are sonar tracking notes and Side B is similar to Side A in some ways, perhaps as an extension of it, but there are still distinctions and I do feel as if it just creates more of a fluid piece- a full album- rather than two split sides.    While I am aware that they make cassette recording devices that can record both sides without having to take the cassette itself out and flip it, if something like that existed for playing I would say to use it here but taking out the cassette and flipping it is kind of the point of the cassette over, say, a compact disc or digital file.

So while I enjoy the idea that Prants can channel some pretty heavy influences (I feel like I haven't used Jay Peele in a while, and yet at one point I was hearing him in everything) this sound is also its own in the ways which they become mixed and mastered.   Further researching any bit of the two instruments found in the title might help you pinpoint the source of the sounds more directly but as always I like to live in my world where I hear what I hear and assume it comes from what seems appropriate and not the harsh reality.    Just another one of those magicians not revealing their secrets ideas and it's only fitting since Prants has made some magic here.

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