Thursday, April 30, 2015


[SOLD OUT // Edition of 50 //]

The music of SAINT-SAMUEL does in fact sound like a carousel on this cassette titled "CARROUSEL" because it just seems to take us around in an electronic loop as if we're watching a movie.   And that's one of the biggest themes here, is that this does sound like the soundtrack to some movie from the 1980's though I cannot entirely place a specific movie it still proves that this music is perfectly fit for cassette.

There are soothing electronic tones like a xylophone and then synth comes into the background in a 1980's distorted kind of way.    It can sound like a ringtone, but as if it was something modern from the iPhone only fed through technology only available in the '80's (if that makes any sense).    Big space blasts accompany drum machines and it just takes on a full new wave sound at times as well.

As the pace increases, you feel as if the plot of the movie is following along, and that just further demonstrates the structure of this cassette in the way that the songs are meant to have that overall rhythm to them and not just feel like a collection of singles.   I keep thinking of this as a soundtrack to a movie, but the cassette itself does seem to tell its own story rather than being the accompanying piece for one.

With that, the overall feeling on this cassette is just one of space bliss.   It's never really too much away from that feeling of melody which just makes it so easy on the ears.   A lot of the cassettes that have that synth from the 1980's vibe are similar as well because they never seem to face any peril, but I'm not even sure if you'd want to get up and dance to this as much as just listen to it and smile, relaxing and knowing that life is good.

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