Friday, April 17, 2015

Cassette Review: Rugstone "Bounty Research" (Magical Garage Taste)

[$5 CAD // Edition of 30 //]

I might be alone on this, but the name Rugstone makes me think of someone who is needed by a boss in an office immediately.    As in, "Rugstone! Get in here!"  Rugstone: "Yessir!".    It might be the fact that the name Rugstone reminds me of Gladstone and I always think of that in those terms as well, you know, until I drift off into the obvious "Full House" zone.    If they really do make a spinoff with Kimmy Gibbler and DJ Tanner I will totally be watching it.

"Bounty Research" begins with a quiet, chugging whirr.   It is a lo-fi ambient that comes through with static and crystals.   Of course, crystals have that tone sound that kind of is like that magical instrument in the live action "Masters of the Universe" movie, but it usually just easier to describe them as crystals for some reason, though I'm not entirely sure what I base that relation upon.    Electronic beats come in with audio clip loops and then static skips become interlaced with vocals and audio clips as well.   It is quiet for sure, but it does build a little bit by the end of Side A.

Side B is seemingly just as quiet.   There are slight static blips, space whirrs and then it does manage to pick up a little bit in a Knight Rider way.   Just imagine the scene where Kit (the car) is driving through the desert in a haze and the music is going.    That's what I was thinking only this portion here felt somehow more reserved, not as loud as its source of comparison.    We end with more of what can only be described as audio clips.

In its minimal way, Rugstone creates a fairly distinct picture on "Bounty Research".    It is certainly something that should be listening to via headphones for optimal experience and though you can choose your own place of serenity to fully appreciate this one I suggest going to the beach on a day when it isn't overly crowded or hot but is just comfortable.

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