Friday, April 17, 2015

Cassette Review: Radradriot / Rat Ship Split Tape

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If you need to know exactly how rad your riot is, I suggest looking at the name again because this one is so rad that it was called as such twice.  (Yes, I have mistakenly called this simply "radriot" before, but not when it counts! #clutch)  Add on top of that the fact that I still call the other artist Rat Shit and, well, you get the idea.   Let's get to the music because I don't care what these guys call themselves this one rocks.

Radradriot begins and the songs are fast and heavy.    There are spoken words over a clean guitar and then when the chorus kicks in they begin screaming and the distortion pedal gets pressed.    It's actually a fine formula for a song (I am NOT kidding) and if someone was to create an album of twelve or thirteen of these songs it would please me greatly.   It's like certain bands that this sound like- Local H, Nirvana, Cloud Nothings- all have one song that does this, but no one's ever really tackled the greater picture before.

I like the idea of the line "You're better off with your money" and the opening song does also have lyrics spewed at you which you should be paying close attention to because he might be talking to you.   While this verges on the brink of hardcore, it's also just got this drum flurry I can't explain and in some other ways it does sound like Foo Fighters to me, which is not a reference I really use and I'm surprised since so many people love them and there are just so many bands out there.

Radradriot ends Side A with a song about pizza pie, either a radio jingle or just the audio from a television commercial, but yes, it made me hungry and dammit now I want pizza.

Rat Ship is just as fast and hard.   The songs are a hardcore sort of punk in the same line as Since By Man or Fear Before The March of Flames minus whatever made them artsy.    It's just a straight kick to the face.    Then it becomes instrumental and clanky as it slows down.    It does end where it started with that thrash and chaos and if you need a better example as to why this is so good you will find none better than the fact that my three year old son fell down while dancing to this.

For a kick in the head or a punch to the throat, this comes out strong and never really seems to stop.    Well, the pizza part does kind of take you out of it for a minute but fuck you if you don't like pizza.

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