Friday, April 17, 2015

Cassette Review: Pree "Two Feet Shy / Some Velvet Morning" (BLIGHT. Records)

[$2 // Edition of 100 //]

From what I can gather via the Pree Bandcamp page, this cassingle released by BLIGHT. Records will serve as a sample, a taste of what is to come, on Pree's second full length album called "Rima" and releasing on record (No cassette yet, sorry) in May.    Now, as it looks, "Two Feet Shy" is set to be the first track and is available for streaming on the Bandcamp page for "Rima" but I cannot find "Some Velvet Morning" in their discography otherwise so I assume it is a song made just for this cassette, which is a nice treat.

Both of these songs appear on both sides and that's kind of not like your traditional cassingle, as it's not one song per side, but it's okay because the way that these two songs sort of blend together just make it clear as to why they are together and not seperate.    This might make it a little odd to hear "Rima" though with one not being followed by the other.   Still, that can be called "Let's cross that bridge when we get there" I suppose.

One of the easier comparisons for me to make with Pree is another of my favorite four letter bands who start with a "P" and that is Phox.    It's dream pop mixed with Letters to Cleo and is just a great way to start anything.    "Two Feet Shy" also has this melodic swirl to it that goes somewhere between a carousel ride and Modest Mouse.     Again, this is definitely the type of single you want to hear kick off anything, anything at all.

As it blends into "Some Velvet Morning" the tempo shifts to that of Blondie and then there are sort of surf riffs.    It's somewhat The Scattered PAGES as it makes me feel like we're going round and round on a top.   In that slight psychedelic sense it does remind me of the beauty that can be found inside the songs of Blind Melon and that can never be a bad thing.

So as a sort of teaser to their full length, this cassingle serves as a good way to listen to Pree and maybe even hear them for the first time if you've never heard them before.    For those new to them (like me) it should make you interested in "Rima" and for those who do know their music well, an exclusive song should satisfy you.    Now let's just hope for a "Rima" cassette release.

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