Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cassette Review: Nostromo "Entropy" (5cm Recordings)

[$5 // Edition of 50 //]

It is worth noting (at least for me) that these two new releases from 5cm Recordings both seem to be somewhat traditional bands (bass, drums, guitar, vocals) and that is somewhat out of character for them as a label perhaps.    Granted, the two releases before Nostromo and Culture Chester were for Dhampyr and Moulttrigger so there is also that fact, of it just being two known and fantastic artists.   (Is anyone else listening to 5cm Recordings in pairs or is it just me?)

Nostromo has a particular sound to them that can really only be described by pinpointing other elements, but still they manage to come together to form something new and unique.    It's thrash with complex levels and there can be a little bit of screaming as well.    I can hear bits of The Lot Six, Casket Lottery, Canterbury Effect and even a heavier Jane's Addiction coming out.    The singer just belts it out over crazy guitar riffs.

Of course since this music does tend to be wild it does remind me of Zeppelin a bit, but then there is also that On The Might Of Princes factor in play as well.    Certain songs can be punk, in a similar vein as the Vandals, and this is just overall rocking and full of distortion.    In a lot of ways it reminds me of the band Christiansen, who is someone I've always enjoyed and was never able to figure out why so many people seemed to give them such a hard time.

Really, any of these bands that I'm naming off here have that feeling to me as I do with Nostromo in hearing them for the first time.   I still remember the first time I heard all of those bands (Except maybe Jane's Addiction and Vandals) and it just was something that always stuck with me.     Those five bands up there all stuck with me in such a special way from the very first time that I heard them however many years ago up until this very day.

I think that Nostromo is going to have a similar effect because they offer up that rock sound that isn't quite hardcore, but is heavy and verges on it.   And it isn't quite math rock, but there are layers to it and these guys are doing more than just strumming power chords.   I also enjoy listening to this on repeat (constantly flipping sides) because as the last song says, "Once again with feeling".


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