Friday, April 17, 2015

Cassette Review: The Nervous Ticks "Skynet"

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Seeing the title "Skynet" immediately makes me think of The Terminator, which works out well because this cassette has that intensity of the Guns N Roses song "You Should Be Mine".    There are four songs but they hit just as hard as a full length and they are just as fast.    It's really quite chaotic and I love it.

The fuzzy bass lines with furious drums create an energy that is somewhere between punk rock and good old fashion rock n roll.    It's guitar rattling and even some screaming.   Somewhere between the (International) Noise Conspiracy and New Bomb Turks is where I orginally had this pegged, with parts The Lot Six and Cafeteria Dance Fever as well, but it does have a somewhat distinguished sound I just can't seem to place.

I began to think it might be like early AFI and it kind of is, but early AFI is much closer to hardcore and this is closer to something between rock n roll and punk.    It's kind of like "Tourette's" by Nirvana, but then you can understand the words more clearly so it's kind of also not.     So I've concluded, since I can't quite place what this makes me think of exactly, that perhaps when music is played both fast and hard it can sound like other music which is also both fast and hard.

"Skynet" is a shot of adrenaline from The Nervous Ticks that you need to take.   I know what a nervous tick is and perhaps my favorite scene ever from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" is when Will Smith explains to his cousin how to win a fight by pretending you have a nervous tick ("Mind your business that's all, just mind your business") but the key word here is "nervous" as these songs just make me feel like I want my whole body to shake.

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