Friday, April 17, 2015

Cassette Review: Lewis Super "Noah EP"

[$3 // Edition of 20 //]

Well, this is as good a use as any for that Alabama Christmas cassette that seems to be in every single Savers I have ever visited.   Seriously, did they give that cassette away when it was in its original production or what?   Because there seems to be more copies of that than most anything else I'd say.   Anyway, I have long been a fan of recording over, um, lesser music to create better music onto cassette but I'm not here to talk about Alabama.

The songs of Lewis Super are melodic and lo-fi.    They have a bedroom feel and at one point I'm pretty sure I heard a banjo.   There are words spoken over drum machines and at times the songs can really pick up the pace and have a punk feel to them as well.   At one point, he just belts it out with slightly distorted vocals into full on distortion and what was once thought to be maybe a man and his guitar brings out the full band sound.

Side B is a bit different though, as there are audio samples and modems.   It's chillwave, with Transformers and female vocals which may or may not be sampled.    There should be too different artists I could compare Side A and Side B with, as if Side A would be on Juniper Tree Songs and Side B would be on Illuminated Paths, but I still don't feel a direct comparison with anyone and that just seems to make this that much better.

One interesting aspect of this as well is that on Side A during one of the songs there are indeed animal sounds.   At first, it starts with a "meow" but then there is a dog barking and it goes from there.   My cats, while sleeping, were not bothered by this, but my three year old son did have to ask me who was meowing and I thought that was kind of funny.  It might not fool you into thinking there is a cat outside your window, but your kids will appreciate it.

So Lewis Super, who may or may not have a future as a children's entertainer, really provides two different aspects of music here on each side but in a lot of ways I'm fine with that because variety is the spice of life and all that.   Now, if the songs were set where it was something like rock/rock/chillwave/rock/chillwave or some sort of pattern of that nature without it just seemingly being split between A and B it might be a bit different but I just don't think it would have that same flow.    So respect the flow and listen to this cassette it's the best of both worlds in many ways.

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