Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cassette Review: Dubbling Crack Monster "Radio Inside" (Inner Noise)

[10 CHF // Edition of 50 //]

I'm not sure exactly what a Dubbling Crack Monster is, but it makes me think of Dublin which in turn makes me think of the Lock Ness Monster, so there's that.   But then sometimes I misread this as "Dubbing Crack Monster" and begin to imagine someone sitting in their basement, hooked on crack, dubbing cassettes or perhaps creating dubstep music.    It's kind of insane, right?

"Radio Inside" begins with deep 8bit beeping.   There is reverberating synth and static taps.    It grows into some cross between a Nine Inch Nails song and the game of Pong.   Beats come out like shots.   Drawn out static glitches into lasers.    Through more static, there are deep keys or possibly a cello, which maintains the NIN sound still.    There is quite a bit of static.    It begins to drone and Side A ends with background guitar riffs coming through.

On the flip side we have static beats, then skips.    There is an audio clip spliced in and a record scratch type of whirr.   The static beat loops sound like something out of the boiler room and then we find the grinding machines as well.   Reverberating synth comes out next and brings some drums with it.    Really ringing static skips provide room for some vocals and then some boing sounds as this rings its way right up until the end.

While the word "crack" has its obvious meanings, I'm not as familiar with dubbling and says it means to translate something in a funny version so you can do with that what you will.   My main notion is that this has the word "monster" in it and that shows me through the music that this isn't neccesarrily a horror movie soundtrack but it is definitely some kind of monster.
If you were to ask a crackhead something I assume you would get a different answer than if you

were to ask someone who wasn't a crackhead, so that could be where that funny translation comes in and the person becomes sort of a monster, but still, I don't buy this as being someone on drugs but an actual monster, like something out of a sci-fi movie that perhaps came up through the cracks of sidewalks.    Still, something to listen to and really think about as this is just all around good.


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