Friday, April 24, 2015

Cassette Review: Deep Waters "Visions in Flame" (Already Dead Tapes)

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The music of Deep Waters is mostly acoustic and it has a somewhat folk sound to it that just feels very pleasant and non-threatening.   Of course the name Deep Waters brings me right back to the song "Deep Water" by Pansy Division and while they were an acoustic sort of punk band the overall sound of Deep Waters is somewhat different still.

With the melodies come hints of FNL and it can come out somewhere between Neil Young and Kansas.    On Side B there are more electric guitars even though it still has that acoustic bliss vibe to it.    The guitar notes come out somewhere between surf and tropical, as I can only think of Jimmy Buffett but am hesitant to refer him to anything.

Though female backing vocals appear on Side B as well, this just has the structure of one voice and one guitar, and yet it doesn't really sound like that because on some other level it could be a full on band.    The fact that I'm torn between whether to call this a full band sound or that singer/songwriter type of idea just goes to show you how delicately it is crafted and really cannot be placed as such.

"Visions in Flame" reminds me most of a warm and relaxing day, something I haven't seen in years, and it doesn't even have to be at the beach but just anywhere you can feel content.    In some ways I do feel like it is better just to think of this as hanging out in your backyard because sometimes  being in public cannot offer the same security.

So while it might be hard to compare the music of Deep Waters it is dreamy and easily enjoyable.    There is an option where you can buy this cassette with a book and I'm not sure what the book is all about so I can't tell you either way, but just know that the cassette itself doesn't need the book if you were interested in only the audio.

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