Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cassette Review: Callado "Lights Out EP" (Sweet Sounds Records)

[$5 // Edition of 100 //]

The "Lights Out EP" is a collection of four songs by Callado and they are such different songs from one another that if you believe this will help you to put Callado into a genre you're going to be in for a surprise.   I do know that there is quite a bit of music out there by Callado other than this, which I believe is their second EP on Sweet Sounds Records.     Perhaps the biggest factor with the songs here though is that no matter how diverse they may seem, they still transition from one to the next flawlessly.

We begin with a rock n roll number that has guitars at the front and really I don't have any comparison point for it.    Not even my usual Franz Ferdinand somehow.     It is a great way to kick off the EP with a bang and then the song does slow down and become simply guitar notes.    This helps us find the second song which is instrumental (the first did have vocals) and has more a somber, slower vibe to it with strings that makes me think of sinking ships for whatever reason.

Things pick back up on the third track and it's back into that rock sound that reminds me of Evasive Backflip, a little bit of Local H and even a little bit of Foo Fighters.   There might be some obscure 1990's rock band I'm missing here in comparison but it doesn't matter because this song just rocks.       Finally, we have a loud ringing tone that sort of fades out in an ambient sense to end the "Lights Out EP".

To say that these songs have highs and lows would be fairly accurate.   They seem to start off high, then sink down only to come back up and then sink down again.    On a bar graph, it would form a virtual backwards "N" like Nine Inch Nails likes to use.   In any event, it's rocking even with the in betweens and the fact that Callado can do this within just four songs makes me very anxious and excited to hear other songs of what can be done with this extreme talent.

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