Friday, April 24, 2015

Cassette Review: All My Wishes Were Thrown Down a Well and Should Die There "In Hopes of a New Tomorrow" (Driftwood Records)

When I came back to Connecticut from Texas the music scene I left here was a mere shadow of what it once was, as there were not nearly as many shows or even decent bands as it would seem.   One of the bands that had the most recognition is that one about the world and not being afraid to die and, yeah, even I find that name to be ridiculously long.    Though All My Wishes Were Thrown Down a Well and Should Die There isn't the only other long band name out there (Trail of Dead), I've always thought there was some benefit to having a short band name but what's the point unless you're paying by the letter?

"In Hopes of a New Tomorrow" begins with dark guitar notes and cymbal crashes.    It turns into thrashcore, somewhere between punk and hardcore and just all around reminds me of what I loved about the music scene when I used to live in Connecticut and just overall from back when I knew this type of music existed (I thought it all went away when everyone mixed it with emo and it became softer but claimed to be the hardest)

There is screaming and parts of this could even be screamo, but it does remind me of something from Ferretstyle, like when I got a free CD sampler of theirs once with bands like Stretch Arm Strong and Skycamefalling on it.    With the breakdowns, this also resembles Nora (the band of which Carl is in,that is Carl who runs Ferretstyle or at least did back when I knew about it all) and even a little bit of Fear Before the March of Flames.

Some of The Dedication comes out vocally and there is even a little mewithoutYou thrown in here for good measure.    It's that Broken World Media idea mixed with You'll Live and My First Step Towards Failure, but the fact is that as much as these bands I'm naming (well, some of them) have that emo sort of vibe to them- or what you might think of as "emo"- All My Wishes just don't have that as much as they just seem to pin you up against and wall and continue throwing punches.

Following a spoken word piece about feeling guilty about everything and something about racism in the military (Well, we do commit genocide sometimes, don't we?) we begin to scream to the rhythm.     Between the music that has me longing for 2001 and the lyrics this is just one of those cassettes that you do need to play and play loud.    My biggest concern when listening to this was how the heavier side of it and the screaming would sound on cassette but it is simply perfect.

If I was ever going to get a tattoo (Little known fact: I have zero tattoos) it would probably be of a cassette or something, but some good lyrics to tattoo on yourself would definitely be: "There's a difference.  We're not dead.  We're dying".    Really just some food for thought while listening to this cassette try and blow out your speakers.  

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