Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Movie Review: 88

Going into this movie on a Friday I didn't really know anything about it other than the brief description Netflix gave me- it was delivered in two timelines and was about a woman who had some form of amnesia but went on a revenge spree.   I thought of it as being like "Kill Bill" in that way and, hey, who doesn't like a good revenge flick in that sense and so I gave it a shot.

What I came to find in this movie was really rather boring.    The number 88 appears on different occasions throughout and for whatever reason that also made it seem clever to be 88 minutes long.    The fact is, if you shot this from Point A to Point B, instead of having the two timelines, it would have been a lot shorter and that would have made it much better as well.

Additionally, you have to factor in that there are a lot of scenes that I feel to be unneccesary that seem to just sort of fill out the movie to make that 88 minute mark.   For example, why do we need to spend so much time watching the main character stand around and do seemingly nothing?   There is one scene where she is standing in the shower with a cigarette in her mouth and it's soaking wet and it just seems to go on forEVER.

Admittedly, I don't know all of what went into making this movie but I find it hard to believe that someone is going to want to put their money into producing something with so much filler in it.    I believe of making the most of everything and if you have a movie that I'm unsure about and I'm waiting for your movie to sort of win me over, you need to make every second count.    So many of the scenes were just such a waste of time I found myself yelling about why I had to sit through them.

Had I decided to make a movie and was given the time and money I can assure you I wouldn't have wasted so much time as this movie seemed to do.    Every single action needs to feel important, like you can't take your eyes off the screen and more importantly- you don't want to take your eyes off the screen.     "88" was a good exercise in distraction though, as you could take a phone call during it or get into a fight on Facebook and probably not miss much.

I really did decide to watch this movie because Christopher Lloyd is in it and he does quite well in his villain role, but he deserves better still.    On top of that, the main actress is Katharine Isabelle, which reminds me that I need to watch "American Mary" and I only hope that it isn't nearly as bad as this movie.    So unless you're on some kind of kick to watch every movie either of those two actors are in or you're just plain bored and don't wish to take my warning seriously, I would avoid watching this movie at all costs.    The best way to describe it still is as just being such a waste of time.

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