Friday, March 20, 2015

Cassette Revew: Anubis Rude "Genie Lamp" (Olivine Freight Tapes)

When I first got this cassette it was marked in my notebook only as being from Olivine Freight Tapes because even though there is some writing inside of it, the words are not so easy to make out and it just seemed easier.    In this way, Anubis Rude seems almost anonymous in this cassette titled "Genie Lamp" although, of course, it is not completely without name.

What begins with synth tones and a static background has some kind of EFX in it I cannot quite put my finger on and then there are also lasers.   It's like some kind of space or sci-fi movie, though I suppose a movie set in space would be sci-fi, right?    From there it becomes a little bit video game sounding and then vocals come out, which was a surprise to me.    The robotic nature of them reminds me of The Illegal Wiretaps.

On Side B we begin with a modem sound that also has some R2D2 mixed in with it.   It becomes ambient as well, and then turns into something out of Beverly Hills Cop which does indeed give it that chillwave vibe.    There are loops and effects pedals I cannot place but make sort of wah-wah sounds.

I really like to think of this as being set in space, though it is obviously sci-fi on the whole no matter where you place it.   This is rather obvious on Side A but it does come through on Side B as well, even when it becomes chillwave because you can still have waves in space on some levels if you think about there being spaceships and then put the other kind of ships in the ocean and all that.

If I was forced to give an exact soundtrack quality to this I would say it's about 40% "2001: A Space Odyssey", 30% "Solaris", 20% "Flash Gordon" and then the last 10% is something perhaps not set in space, going back to "Beverly Hills Cop".    Either way, this is something which just combines soundtracks in ways I haven't heard before but is pulled off masterfully.   For fans of such things (which should be you if you're reading this somehow) I would definitely recommend listening to this on cassette, while driving at night if you can.

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