Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Movie Review: Frank

When I saw this movie on Netflix I instantly added it to my queue.  I knew that I had to see it based upon the description but also because of the fact that it's about a guy who is in a band and wears a giant head as a mask over his normal head.   It's just enough weirdo that I'll watch it without it having to be on a comic book theme.

At its core, the movie "Frank" is about a kid who joins a band as their keyboardist and then they go into the woods for a really long time to record an album.   There is enough musical craziness behind it all that you could speculate as to any number of current bands that this might be about in that sense, yet the songs are original and completely performed by the actors involved.

Frank himself, the sort of main character because he wears the giant head, is a genius with mental illness and the fact of whether or not he'll take that mask off becomes a point in the movie but not the main one and I enjoyed that about it as well.

This movie had drama, comedic moments and just that overall lure where even before you know what you're getting into you already feel invested in these characters.    If this was a story about someone in performance arts, an actor or what not have you outside of music I'm not sure if I would have liked it so much but the message would be the same so I suppose I would like it but not necessarily have found it to watch because, yes, the music was a lot of the reason why I watched this.  (I do like watching independent movies about bands in a fictional sense, not sure why I just do)

At the end of the film I kind of wished this said "based on a true story" or something to that effect (Though there is a book) because it would be so neat to find out one day that this was an actual band not only at the time but is still an actual band such as... I can't even begin to name names of who I'd want it to be about but I just want this musical genius to exist in the world.

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