Monday, February 16, 2015

Cassette Review: Ugly Indian "Ugly Indian" (OJC Recordings)

[$3 // Edition of 10 //]

If you ever begin to think you've got the label known as both OJC Recordings and Alligator Peaches figured out then please explain to me why they have two different names and then we can discuss what you might anticipate their next release as sounding like exactly.

Ugly Indian begins this cassette with a guitar progression loop which may or may not be acoustic but it does have that harmony to it that makes me feel like it is.    There are some spoken words going on in the background so they're a bit harder to comprehend, but then there are also times at the end of the guitar progressions where it sounds like a boom or possibly even a string is breaking.

After some sharp feedback we're taken into that static scraping sound and as this is divided into two parts I can only assume that the next one begins when the steel drum rhythms come into play.

Side B has dark acoustic tones with whirrs in them and it reminds me of how the wind blows strongly right before it's going to rain and be a huge thunderstorm.    The fact that this can capture not only that sound but that feeling just goes to show you how well it's doing.   There are noises and screeches but we eventually go back to some notes and then the birds come out chirping as well.

As I can imagine the beginning, Side A, as being any number of things I like to think of Side B as having more of that storm followed by the sun coming back out after the storm feel to it.    Of course that, in and of itself, can be interpreted in a number of different ways (enduring something horrible but survivng it) and the fact that Ugly Indian leaves so much room to forge your own path just goes to show you how good this cassette is.

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