Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cassette Review: Rotkappchen "Etriqué"

[€4.50 // Edition of 50 //]

This is my second time listening to Rotkappchen on cassette and if the first cassette I listened to was any indication then I am certainly am in for a treat here with this one.    I've been listening to these to review within the same week (As in I wrote the review for the first and began listening to this one within the same span of five days or so) and I really don't remember too much about what I wrote about the other Rotkappchen cassette already but that's good because then it won't really hinder my review process here.

Side A begins with static and the sound of what I like to call the psycho circus, which yes, I did borrow from a stable of luchadores in AAA.    There are horns, both as musical instruments and as car horns blaring at each other.    Laser gun shots lead to police sirens and as I begin to hear a choir of children singing I can sense that this is turning into a sort of radio station flipping vibe and the A.D.D. quality to it has me wanting more every time.    Talking, crashing, scratchy whirrs take us into the end before the name of John Coltrane is dropped in an audio clip and oh that saxophone.

There were some bits of talking but it was in this rushed way that sounded kind of strange and it appears on both sides, though it might be slightly more prominent on Side B.    There are sounds of whistling mixed with what appears to be monkeys in their native language and I have to state that the strange talk I heard does sound like the guy who talks to Bruce Willis in the movie "Twelve Monkeys" when he is first placed in jail (after he went back in time) and so the monkey noises coupled with that do leave me to wonder if it is a coincidence or not.

While at times it might sound like someone is running through the jungle, crushing wet leaves on the ground along the way, this does also turn into this stomping type of static beats that combines elements of things I've heard before just never really like this.   Overall that seems to be the theme for Rotkappchen though and that is why I expect this to be something we talk about for a long while to come.

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