Friday, February 6, 2015

Cassette Review: Perilous Holiday "4!000" (4! records + tapes)

[$5 // Edition of 150 //]

This cassette is a compilation and I always feel like I need to give a little blurb about every artist on a compilation in order to properly review it (hence why I don't like reviewing compilations) or at least it then becomes a problem of how much you can really tell by an artist based upon just one song.    But the thing about this compilation from 4! records + tapes is that I don't see it as a collection of individual songs but rather I like to look at it on the whole.

The opening song is by North Fork and it's instrumental, but then we go into Logan Archer and Team Rocket! who both have vocals in their bedroom pop rock.    Jack McConnell comes in next and he's one of only two artists on this cassette I'm familiar with and that's only because I've been listening to his "He's Black Dynamite" cassette as well as this.

If you've ever listened to a soundtrack you can kind of feel like the movie is playing out before you with the ups and downs, the highs and lows and all of that, and this cassette from 4! goes through that with ease.    This is not a random string of songs made to fit each side and say, "Hey, here are some artists we like", but rather it seems to be a much more deliberate attempt and creating something beautiful.

You know you're doing a good job when I'm searching for these artists on Bandcamp, trying to listen to as much more music as I can by each of them.   (Though Team Rocket! only brings up some older hip-hop which I'm pretty sure isn't the same one as on here)

From the electric guitar melodies of Side B, which have a dreamy feel to them, to that soulful sound of Lady Parts to the familiarity of Benjamin Poole this is a cassette that gives you a chance to remember some artists you might already know and if you've never heard any of them before I'm confident you'll seek them out after hearing this because not only are these quality songs but they are being presented in a way which is fitting to that.

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