Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cassette Review: mrghosty "Songs For Errant Micro Organisms #1"

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I wonder if mrghosty got his name  because he is a parent.    Right from the start on this cassette I can hear what sounds like shooting stars and other constellations in outer space mied with those soothing sounds you might find coming from a nursery, specifically one of the mobiles that hangs above a crib.   It's that dinging and softness that finds comfort as you regress back to infancy.
This does manage to find some ringing eventually, which gives you a feeling of urgency.  It doesn't have that traditional siren sound but you can still feel it, like something out of a Hitchcock movie.   When the ringing stops the music found next has a distinct space sound and I truly feel more like we are watching a PBS special about space than listening to music.   Xylophone notes help to paint the picture next but the overall feeling still sustains.    This also brings out a Jay Peele sort of vibe and that's never been a bad thing.    It certainly has a celestial feel to it as well, as the notes flicker back and forth.

Perhaps why I find this cassette to be most fascinating is that even though it was start off as a scene in the room of an infant it can sound as if it is from the soundtrack to a film by Alfred Hitchcock by the end.    That contrast or even growth can really kind of mess with your mind and that has always been a facet of music (and anything audio really) that I have just found to be oh so great.    mrghosty has created here that you must listen to but that you must also listen to at your warning that it might very well leave you curled up in the fetal position by the time it ends.

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