Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cassette Review: Moth Eggs "Recursive Surfing" (OSR Tapes)


The first thing I noticed about this cassette is that it is from OSR Tapes and when I went to their website to see what kind of an edition this was or how much this cassette might cost I was informed that they had gone offline.   That's actually pretty cool and made me think about going offline as well, back to the old printed days, but I don't know if I could do it without my mind exploding so best of luck to OSR Tapes and I hope to one day remember to send them a self-addressed stamped envelope for a new catalog.

Now given that this is on OSR it makes sense when you hear the music because it just seems as if it would fit right in there.     With that mixture of weird twee bedroom pop rock this could just as easily have been on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records back in the day, but right now I think OSR is a rather fitting home for it.

Do moths lay eggs?   That might give me a new reason to clean even more thoroughly.

Through points of High Pop, Hunx and even that one Vandals song (you know the one) this can also have a faster paced punk rock quality which can be rather angry when singing about working in a coffee shop.    It's Nada Surf on some levels and I think Cheap Trick and maybe the Kinks too.     Whatever type of rock you want to put it in though- bedroom, garage, punk, pop, etc.- it does just flat out rock and never really suffers from those quiet moments other artists can experience.

"Recursive Surfing" also manages to maintain an interest level throughout because the songs can just carry off into their own little stories.    By the end of this I'm thinking of the Sex Pistols but at the very end it just concludes so... strangely.     I shouldn't really that as a surprise as there isn't really anything typical or ordinary about Moth Eggs but this ending even caught me off guard a bit.

Overall you just have to imagine this as being like something you've never heard before yet are entirely too familiar with.   It has that quality where you can't chain it down precisely but yet can take comfort in knowing that it is like the first time you heard another artist you couldn't quite do the same for either.    It's like meeting someone for the first time yet being completely comfortable around them as if you've known them your whole life... only not.

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