Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cassette Review: mole people "mole scroll" (tolmie terrapin)

[$5 //]

There exists a song by Local H, on their early album "Ham Fisted", called "Bag of Hammers" and in it there is seemingly a guitar petal flipped at will from the clean sound to the heavily distorted sound.    Many of the songs on this cassette by Mole People reminds me of that because they have fairly clean rock verses and then during the chorus they kick in heavy with, well, a lot of distorted goodness.

The guitar notes in the verses can resemble anything from Nada Surf to Cloud Nothings, though it does have somewhat of an overall feel of Cloud Nothings, and specifically within the first side they have a lot of that quieter verse feel driving into the louder, harder chorus and that just also reminds me of Hum.

Though this pattern can bring in the sounds of math rock and also bring up memories to me of Marilyn Manson and/or The Lot Six, this doesn't continue throughout the entire cassette.   In reality, I'd normally say that this was a good thing because I'd get bored after a while or find it tiresome if every song stuck to this structure but with this one, man, I'd listen to songs like this all day long.

Side B can bring out elements of Weezer and just other general sounds of rock that aren't the same as what was established on Side A and I do like it all the way through.  I really haven't felt this way since Cloud Nothings' "Attack On Memory", which is one of my all-time favorites still, and this just has the added bonus of being heard by me on cassette.

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