Monday, February 16, 2015

Cassette Review: Devil Eyes "Fat Ghost" (talking skull)

[$5 CAD // Edition of 80 //]

"Fat Ghost" can be described in a number of ways that rock and most them can be traced back to some sort of young, rebellious, angry punk source as well.    There are screamy vocals that can be either male or female but they seem to trade off during each song rather than during the course of a song.

This makes for it to often times remind me of something from a harder Blondie, Runaways or even the better parts of Hole right down to something riot grrrl related.   Elements of garage, distortion and melodies also come into play giving this that Local H and Nirvana vibe as well that you would obviously think of when those words are written.

For me, I enjoy this because it is loud and fast paced energy in a way like I haven't really heard before because, no, I cannot flat out compare it with someone else, but it also has that quality where the last song is an instrumental sort of garage number showing that this band is in fact talented and can live outside the confines of something like Cafeteria Dance Fever.

There isn't really an accurate way to say why you might like Devil Eyes other than the fact that I believe should like it and should be listening to it.    If you're in the dawn of teenage angst then this is going to be right up your sleeve but at the same time, as I am older now and increasingly less angry by the day, I still can relate to this and appreciate its energy.   On top of that, if you have anger issues perhaps playing this loudly will help you to work them out.

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