Friday, February 6, 2015

Cassette Review: Apartment Mouth "The Vile Dialect" (Live God Records)

[$7 // Edition of 30 //]

What exactly is an Apartment Mouth?   Do I even want to know?   I'm not really willing to Google search for the answer because the name itself seems cool to me somehow and as such I want it to keep its sort of mystery intact whenever I listen to this cassette.    It is strange though to think of an apartment as having a mouth, but I guess that's what the appeal is.   Or maybe it's in the way that people who live in apartments are different from those who live in houses simply because more people tend to yell at each and wake everyone else up in all hours of the night in an apartment complex.    That's not just how apartment complexes are viewed but from my personal experiences as well.

In any case, "The Vile Dialect" begins with a ringing that could be straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.    There are some tones mixed in and an audio clip which has been manipulated so as to make it so I'm not sure what is being said exactly.    The next sounds you'll hear are heavy, distorted sludge at a walking pace beat.    Distorted guitar loops bring on something mechanical and this whole cassette actually has the vibe of something from the soundtrack for "The Crow".

Words begin repeating but I wouldn't really call them vocals.    Slick guitar riffs lead to siren-like sounds and this is just overall dark to end Side A.    That vibe continues with Side B as it begins with a lot of static in a boiler room sort of sound.    It's ringing, drums and the vocal manipulation of Frampton Comes Alive.    On some levels this is industrial and synth drone.    It is a sea of distorted synth on Side B yet somehow lighter than that heard on the first side.

Perhaps what I like best about this Apartment Mouth cassette is the fact that it might not be directly tied to the soundtrack for "The Crow", but it has a similar sense to it as if to say that if you like "The Crow" then you will like the movie that this goes with.   Obviously that puts me as a big fan of this right away and I would very much like to see an accompanying movie of some sort.

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