Friday, January 16, 2015

Cassette Review: The Bingers "Dust Bustin' EP" (Grabbing Clouds Records and Tapes)

[$5 // Edition of 50 //]

The Bingers (who you have to realize do not rhyme with "The Ringers" as in Bing Crosby but are rather the act of going on a binge) present my second cassette from Grabbing Clouds Records and Tapes and I can definitely sense a pattern in the garage and psychedelic nature, which is never a bad thing.    "Dust Bustin' EP" actually begins with a bit of a weird rock n roll sound and I'm really into that because anything that has that sort of traditional rock n roll sound but then can take it to another place is always fine in my book.

As the songs go on, we are taken on a journey from punk and surf with screamy singing ala The Lot Six or Tora Tora Torrance to some high pitched ooh's and ahh's which can bring out something between High Pop and "Wipeout".    It has that feel of fuzzy, Tom Petty goodness with deep Elvis Presley vocals that come out like "uh-huh".    Through some New Bomb Turks sounds and Nirvana guitar riffs we turn into psych and eventually dreamy tones before hints of Bob Dylan leave their last impression on me.

If I'm going to compare this with Mike Donner, and why not since I already mentioned it, this is a bit closer to the surf side than that cassette was but both are filled with garage and just an overall, undeniable sense of rock n roll.     One of my goals for 2015 to be a better writer was to try and stop comparing things based upon other things in a negative way.    That is to say that I no longer want to say things like, "This is a better version of <fill in the blank>" or that it's what something else we thought was good but wasn't should sound like.   But I've come to realize that's just a part of music.   If I didn't point out the bad, then I couldn't point out the good.  

As much as you can sit back and say that this is good because of the influences of Elvis, High Pop, Dylan, etc. you have to know that it is good as well because there must be a standard by which to judge that which is... not good or at least not as good.    So for one more time (Hopefully the last, but probably not) I will tell you that I was once so excited by the label Burger Records and what they were about... and then I heard the bands.    They have some exceptions of good ones, but for the most part, yeah, I think they're all over-hyped.    This though... This is what you should be listening to now.   When someone told me "Yeah, you have to hear..." and then I was bummed when I did (You know the one, they put out their self-titled album last year on Burger Records, I just forget their name right now) this made it all worthwhile somehow.

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