Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cassette Review: BCH+C "LIVE: TAKING A SHOT" (Small Scale Music)

[$6 CAD // Edition of 100 // https://smallscalemusic.bandcamp.com/album/live-taking-a-shot-2]

The name BCH+C is based on the first letters of each of the last names of those who contributed to this live display of music.    This is somewhat easier to type out than if they had all their names written out one by one, as others who collaborate in this manner seem to like to do.   I make mention of this because having the names listed like a law firm is something that Stephanie Lak does and this in a lot of ways reminds me of her music (as a solo artist and with others chiming in as well)   I find it to be somewhat of a shame that there is no actual genre for this type of music, but at the same time it's kind of freeing that it can't just be called something that's one word or hyphenated.

A mixture of horns and woodwinds, strings and other instruments you cannot quite place but come together like a traffic jam at rush hour this is a live improvisation of the best variety.    When you have artists who can do this- and do it well- then you can only expect to be in for a treat before listening to it because I've yet to hear something such as this come out badly.

The combination of sounds goes from non-traditional classical to jazz and it just has that whole flowing vibe where you think it's being played by people who are not so much out of tune but perhaps out of practice.   Through some sharp feedback you can hear the noise come through undoubtedly and it just has this feel that you should be able to collect a number of different artists and put them together and call this a movement.     If I sat down and really thought about it, looking at my cassette collection as well as searching through past reviews by keywords, I could probably list at least ten other artists who are doing this but are doing it just as well.  

Listing off similar artists though seems futile as this is not the type of sound that comes from comparison and influence as much as it created for each individual going through the process.    Perhaps this is why no such genre exists for this (or if it does I don't want to know) because it's not that this sounds like Stephanie Lak or Roadside Picnic or anything from Arachnidiscs, etc. as much as it is simply conveying the message through the same means.  Again, it's not in the output that it is the same but rather the delivery.

In a lot of ways the easiest thing to think about with this is comparing it with that of an artist of a different type: the painter.    Imagine a painter put in front of a live audience, given a certain number of colors plus a pallet and a handful of brushes and told to paint on a canvas.     This situation would be repeated- and that would be the genre if there was one- and yet the output for every painter put in that situation would be the same, even you told them all to paint the same bunny.

This will be my fourth review of 2015 and I'd like to have some sort of continuity between reviews and throughout the year more so maybe than what was done in 2014 and before that.   I want to remember names and specific cassettes so that I can write them down instead of simply saying it sounds like something I've heard before but can't place exactly what.    It is just unfortunate that this will not be in any sort of genre still by the end of 2015 and probably even into 2016 as it is best left alone.     This is just good and that's all you really need to know.    If you like some of the names I mentioned before then do go out of your way for this one.

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