Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Casssette Review: Great Valley "Jaws of Evil" (Spooky Town Tapes)

[$6 // Edition of 200 // https://spookytowntapes.bandcamp.com/album/jaws-of-evil]

Even though you could best describe Great Valley as a band of psychedelic roots, there are other factors happening amongst the rock that impact the outcome of the music on the whole.

With garage sounds come these sort of Doors organs.    Somehow, but I'm not sure how, I want to say that at times this does sound like something out of the 1980's.   My thought was "It's not Oingo Boingo, but..." and I could never really figure out what other band filled that spot.

At other times this can reach heights between not quite being the Flaming Lips and not quite being the Polyphonic Spree.     Overall one of my best comparisons perhaps is to say that this is a cross between The Benjamins and The Gadjits, which indeed does offer up a lot of ground to cover but it would specifically be the garage sound of The Gadjits (post-ska) and perhaps the last song on The Benjamins most famous album.

Really if you like garage rock and psychedelic music then this is going to fit you like a glove.   Thing is, it's going to inspire you, show you things you've never seen before and all that.   I don't think there is quite a way to prepare for such a journey.

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