Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cassette Review: Shirley Rolls "Shivs"

[$7 // Edition of 150 // https://shirleyrolls.bandcamp.com/album/shivs]

What I tend to find with Shirley Rolls is that as easily as you can throw them into a genre, such as garage for example, you have to understand that as complex and multi-faceted as any genre really is (as they have subgenres and crossovers) that can be said for "Shivs" as well.

This has hints of garage, sure, but there is also fuzz.   You could probably name off any number of bands that this sounds like without sounding exactly like if you have the need to do so, but I find it easier to give it the sort of bluesy soul vibe of The White Stripes mixed with the intensity of Franz Ferdinand.   Obviously I also chose these two as points of reference because they are widely known bands.

Through this all there are also hints of what could be considered "what comes with the notion of being garage" as certain songs can be psychedelic while others can have more punk leanings.    There are also just some really awesome drums on the last song and this just demonstrates overall how well Shirley Rolls can display their talents, staying within one genre yet expanding their virtual horizons.

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