Monday, December 1, 2014

Cassette Review: Nundata "Against His Master's Voice" (Diazepam)

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Once again, Nundata has proven the way that harsh noise should sound when mixed with the proper elements and just overall that this isn't a one dimensional genre based upon music-less talents and devices anyone can recreate.

Through a lot of static there are lasers with Star Wars-esque synth.   This is distorted space violence.   It's the sound of harsh static with high pitched notes that sound kind of like bees but aren't.     It's heavily distorted and there are sounds that an amp will make as you attempt to plug into it.     With a static overload this reminds me on some level of a video game glitch and I'm really liking that about it.

On the other hand, there are these moments within this cassette, within the madness and chaos, where pieces of beauty are trying to come through in its pure form.    These pieces on paper sound like the guitar notes of Jimi Hendrix for example, but in reality they are a little bit closer to the supression of such thoughts.

I always somehow end up going back to comic books for comparisons, but it just somehow works so I won't try to do anything different.    When you think of Bruce Banner as The Incredible Hulk, you imagine a man full of rage that is ready to explode at any moment and turn into a giant green monster (And not one that wants to sell you vegetables)

This cassette, on the inverse of that though, seems to be the fact that it is letting that rage out.   It's not Bruce Banner sometimes turning into The Hulk, but rather it is The Hulk all the time with Bruce Banner trying to escape at times.

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