Monday, November 10, 2014

CD Review: amalgamated "Amalgamated" (Aubjects)

As seems to be the case with Aubjects releases information can only be found as it becomes available and since I can't seem to find a Bandcamp site I find myself just using random links and filling in plotholes in my mind only.    As I sit here and type this, I know that the cover looks like a couple other releases AMALGAMATED has (per their own Bandcamp) but I'm not sure if this has a title or not.   (I will fill that in though before posting this, just watch)

All of that only seems to matter though in regards to your purchasing of this music and should you feel inclined to do so (and I recommend that you do) all you need to do is go to the Aubjects Word Press site and send them an email if you can't find what you're looking for on there.

Looping electronic beats combine with record scratching and yet this is the sound of a full band as well.   I don't believe there is an equal to this, as if there is anyone else attempting this style of music specifically it is not nearly as good, but it does have that sound of Rush mixed with "block rockin' beats" and the obvious choice here of Folk Implosion.

Computers seem to play a pretty heavy hand in this.    There is also a background trace of Pink Floyd and just when you think it can't amaze you any further it has the sound of Metallica in space.   Yes, the fourth song has an "Enter Sandman" vibe to it although it is not of this world so do with those lyrics what you must.

Through space synth whirrs and the banging on sticks this is a creation of what it would sound like to be able to play an acoustic guitar in outerspace because I'm pretty sure it needs gravity so you'd have to build it a little helmet and oxygyn mask.   Quick, someone Photoshop me an image of that.

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