Monday, November 24, 2014

Cassette Review: Sad Horse "Purple On Purple Makes Purple" (Field Hymns)

[$6 // Edition of 100 //]

When I first saw the name Sad Horse I immediately though of Sparklehorse and as such all I could think was that this music was going to be, well, sad.    Granted, Restaurnaut is out there making horse music, but the name has its implications and apparently the band has been around since at least 2008 so I wonder as to why this name would imply the opposite feeling that it creates.

These songs are often times short in their nature, but they are certainly a kick in the pants of rock n roll.     I'm reminded of Cafeteria Dance Fever but mostly only because I can't quite come up with a better point of comparison.    It's fast and to the point, which often times is how I like it.    Really, if these songs were somehow dragged out into six or seven minute ventures this might become an entirely different review.

A song like "Sure You Do" slows down the pace a little bit and becomes somewhat dreamy, but these remain guitar riff driven overall which comes with the usual Buddy Holly-loving suspects.     There are also instrumental moments and those make me want to dance more than anything else.

Sometimes I can hear faint resemblences of The White Stripes but that also mostly only comes out for lack of a better comparison point.    It's not quite garage, nor surf, nor whatever way Hunx has paved but rather its own unique blend of songs that are a whole lot of fun played fast and quick.

It's kind of hard to imagine this not appealing to someone because it just has that vibe where if you were walking down any given street in any country and there was a dimly lit club with smoke coming out of it, the door opened ever so much, and you managed to catch pieces of one of these songs, anyone with the right musical ear would have no choice but to want to go into there.

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