Monday, November 24, 2014

Cassette Review: Hunted Creatures "Mogollon Rim"

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At its core, "Mogollon Rim" is an ambient piece of drone but the more that I listen to it (and I do recommend at least giving it one listen with headphones on or earbuds in) the more I discover little intricities going on within the sounds at the forefront.

There is this synth sort of whirr sound, yet behind that are lasers in a quiet sense and this whole thing just feels like you're drifting in space.    At first I feel like I'm stuck on the start screen of some video game (I'll say Playstation 2 or newer not old school like 8bit) and then these tones which could just as easily be guitar tones come out with crashing waves and I feel lost at sea.   It's kind of funny though because whether it is in space or at sea the overall feeling I get is just one of being lost.    A horn comes out (It might not be a horn, but it resembles a trumpet if it isn't) and it sounds rather sad, as if it is playing "Taps" and it is accompanied by these ominous drumbeats which can only remind me of death knock-knock-knocking on my door.    It begins to grow triumphant at the end and even has these killer guitar licks, but I can only assume that it is in celebration of a victory for the dark side.

On Side B we open with something a little bit more different, as there are tones but they sound more like something out of an old kung fu movie.    This then turns into a certain Indian vibe, but there is a certain rhythm to it that I enjoy.   It makes me wonder why so many pieces of music go from Indian to kung fu or vice versa, but maybe they're not all too different after all and it's just a matter of tempo.     As this transitions once again we find the sounds of lasers mixed with bubbles as sort of beats.   It just reminds me in some ways of the music to when Michael Damien (Yeah, that guy) covered the song "Rock On".    Though that might just be because I saw that cassette the other day at Saver's and wondered if my wife had donated my copy of it but as it turns out she did not (thankfully).

As much as these songs can mix it up they do tend to stay in the genre that goes with peaceful and relaxing.    Really, we all probably need a little bit more of that in our lives because unless if you're Matthew McConaughey odds are you should take some time to listen to the bamboo stick flute thing.

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