Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cassette Review: 18qm "Nontron"


Whenever I hear aspects of music that can remind me of the sounds the Transformers make on any level (Whether it be movie or television series) if I don't refer to them directly as such I like to call them Megatron after the arch enemy of Optimus Prime, the do-gooder of robots in disguise.    So it's pretty funny to me that this would be called "Nontron" because all I can think of is that it's going to not sound like Megatron.

So not too surprisingly we begin with the sound of Transformers synth and then helicopters get mixed in with it.   There is some whirring and then either the changing or radio stations or more Transforming.    This actually reminds me more of Autobot Bumblebee from the movie franchise, which is so *not* Megatron (or "Nontron") but I'm never really sure everyone else is getting these Transformers references I'm putting down.  (Should I switch to the Go Bots?  Because I'll do it!)

There are beeps and blips like R2D2 and with him and the Transformers earlier I can't help but think how much this resembles highly advanced robots.   Then we get stuck in this bit where it sounds like a pinball machine is jammed and it's just kind of humming out the same tone repeatedly.     After a few little dings like you'd hear from a sailboat we get the same broken effect only this time it sounds more like a car horn.   It's not the idea of someone constantly pressing a working car horn mind you, but the fact is that it's broken, which does happen to sound really different.

Harmonica notes come in as well and are eventually met with dialtone sounds in the background.    Somber synth tones that could be from a funeral, the sound of glass, ringing waves and a lot of reverberation make their way onto this cassette before all is said and done, which is less about Transformers than it was at the start but this is still worth listening to if you're a fan of this sort of thing, which I think you are since you're reading this here and all.

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