Saturday, October 11, 2014


[$4.50 // Edition of 100 //]

For everything that this says it is and could be compared to when it comes right down to it all I hear is a band that was on Fearless Records particularly for their "Punk Goes Pop" compilation.    The music isn't quite the same as one of those bands specifically but it sounds like a pop punk band covering a pop song.

This is the truest sense of the cassingle as it is one song per side and it can bring to mind the likes of Hellogoodbye or Head Automatica.   It's not quite pure pop but it is pop on some level and this type of music seems like it should exist more than it does-- I feel like I should be able to name off at least ten bands that sound like this off the top of my head and yet I can't.

is it a coincidence that this band is from New Jersey and Tim Sullivan is also?  I certainly hope not.   As much as it feels like this should be one sound among many others like it, somehow it manages to be rare (at least in my musical world, which mostly shuts out pop) and that's never a bad thing.   Plus, you need to get up and dance more.

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