Friday, October 10, 2014

Cassette Review: The Tenses & Guzo "Full-On Rager" (Obsolete Units)

While this cassette says it is The Tenses and Guzo, it should be noted that it is a collaboration between the two artists on Side A and then Side B is just The Tenses without Guzo.   Both of these sides are also live performances, so I can already feel going into it before even listening to it that I'm going to enjoy it.    After all, they don't make cassettes of live performances that go horribly wrong (Although that would be kind of cool too)

This begins with noises and feedback and some audio clips.   It reminds me right off of something Stephanie Lak would put out, although she changed her name so now I must reference her as "SMG".   One part of the audio clip says there are rainbows and I'm not questioning it because rainbows are in fact real.    With the sound of birds chirping I can hear something that sounds like bagpipes.   It becomes quite frantic and then goes into Twilight Zone tones and alien frequencies.    It finally builds up to heavy guitars and applause to end it.

On Side B we open with birds chirping, so obviously that's not the part of the first side that Guzo was bringing to the table.   There are audio clips and just a general sound of space guitar.   It becomes stuck in a cosmic loop for quite a bit and then turns into this old western guitar note feel.   It's somewhere between that "Rawhide" and Pinback feel.    High pitched, scratchy feedback gives way to sad strings and an even sadder trumpet.   This falls somewhere between the soundtrack to an old cartoon such as "Tom & Jerry" and "Land of the Lost"/"Lost in Space".   

I was pretty sure Side B was also live but I didn't hear any applause to end it.   Either way, these are two live sets that if you were not able to experience in person should definitely be lived via cassette.  

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