Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cassette Review: Hotel 2­­: Liew Niyomkarn (SadoDaMascus Records)

The second installment in the Hotel series from SadoDaMascus Records is strictly Liew Niyomkarn and as with the first it is live and improvised.   It begins with quiet beats and seems rather minimal to start.   Then we kick into some high pitched sonar like noise which is a bit like morse code or a telegram wire.

Little glitch blips take us into some R2D2 type sounds and it begins to sound like a weird communication session between two robots.   In no way related to that last sentence, this also does have the sound of something JML might create.

There are lots of sharp noises, like robotic crickets or locusts, filling it all out with some static glitching and that balloon rubbing sound.    If I was going to describe this as ambient (and I would), I might imagine a place not too much unlike the woods the gang once traveled to in "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" only everything is mechanical.

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