Friday, October 10, 2014

Cassette Review: Gemini Revolution "Synthesize"

"Synthesize" is the newest of the releases on cassette by Gemini Revolution and as rightfully so it could be their best, drawing on various pieces of prior releases to create this altogether new and amazing sound for them.

What begins in an ambient sense sounds like it is taking place inside of a fish bowl.   There are lasers for sure and long patches of space drone.   Through spaceship whirrs there is some moderation here and there but it is mostly just holding the course true.

Side B is a bit different than A as it has drone and lasers still but there is an unspoken sort of groove to it.   On the whole this reminds me of their contemporary in hicksoncompactgroup, especially on the second side.   It ends on some pretty heavy Transformers type of noises.

As I listened to these seemingly out of order, I've come to the conclusion that what order you listen to the other cassettes in is not so much as important as the fact that you at least listen to them before "Synthesize".   It has the feel of this being the third installment in a trilogy, only the first two pieces don't really seem to claim a number.  

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