Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Gemini Revolution “My Mind Has Wings”

            Though this is the second cassette by Gemini Revolution I still decided to start with “My Mind Has Wings”.  Call it luck of the draw, call it fate, call it what you will but this is the way it is to be.   I actually intended to start with “Synthesize”, which is their newest cassette, but when I looked and realized I had pulled this one out instead I decided to just go with it.

            “My Mind Has Wings” begins with lo-fi beats and precision percussion.  There are frantic drums and synth drone.   It sounds like The Doors somewhat in the sense of the synth, but then there is this level of funk mixed in with the bass.  Ambient synth drone takes over like floating on a cloud.   Notes then begin to repeat in a pattern like a Tarantino film.  Side A ends with womp womp womps, Megatron changing and electro laser racket. 

            On Side B, we begin with notes, feedback and clanking beats.   It’s a sort of mystic jungle samurai sound with high hats.  There are waves of tuning and alien frequencies mixed with underwater bubbles.  At the end it becomes a little bit more rocking which somehow makes me think of Pearl Jam (don’t ask) but it just has this overall electronic feel of various levels that make you want to get up and dance.

            Though this doesn’t sound exactly like C&C Music Factory or something of that kind, it at least makes me think of that particular era of cassettes and how the rhythm truly is going to get you.   It’s so much fun, but yet is also full of so much talent.  

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