Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Earl Boykins “Everybody Likes Dogs” (Forged Artifacts)

            The only problem that I have with this EP by Earl Boykins is that not everybody likes dogs (There are some real anti-dog people out there for some reason) and the title also is somewhat too close to “Must Love Dogs” which is a movie I hope we can all forget.    Other than that, this is a lot of fun.

            Between sides A and B I notice some similarities but as they stand separate I can also see how they are different yet connected as sides (as in the songs on them are together on purpose).   Side A has this feel of something more closely related to the “Angus” soundtrack, which could be Ash for instance, as well as Weezer and just overall melodic bass lines.  It’s that semi-modern feel, as it is sort of the music that came after grunge yet not too far after it.  There is also a bit of a combination of Hunx and the Flaming Lips, but we can still chalk that one up to the “Angus” soundtrack if you consider Pansy Division on the whole.

            On the flip side we have songs that are garage pop in ways, but then also bring out not only Smashing Pumpkins but the entire “No Alternative” compilation.    Hints of Violent Femmes, catchy as all get out and a little bit of Nada Surf points this more directly towards the actual time period of grunge than the years directly following it.   The funny thing is that it is done in reverse chronological order so you don’t feel as much like you’re going back in time and reliving your youth (or mine anyway)

            Earl Boykins offers up what has been referred to in cliché as a modern take on a classic.  Though we are reminded of a better time in music, Boykins puts his own signature on these songs as well and as an EP I must say that, yes, I am looking forward to a full length now.  

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